Upcoming Professional Development Events: 

Discrete Math Pre-Collegiate Summer Institute: July 13 – 17, 2020 at SDSU CRMSE.

DMPC has been developed as a collaborative effort to create a new 12th grade mathematics course and provide professional development experiences for teachers piloting the course. The partnership brings together faculty from San Diego State University in the College of Sciences, College of Education, and Center for Research in Mathematics and Science Education with teachers and administrators from the Sweetwater Union High School District.

Update (May 16, 2018): DMPC is a UC “a-g” approved course, with approval in the mathematics (“c”) category.

“In most classes I’ve taken, I felt bored and worked on other classwork, but your class was one that I never felt under-challenged in, new solutions even to a single problem made the problems dynamic and creative even. I am so glad I chose discrete math over AP Calc…”

“Of all the classes I’ve taken, yours is the one that’s been the most valuable. For the first time, math is the class that I most look forward to every day. MASSIVE ACHIEVEMENT 😀 (I know I’m not the only one.)”

—Satisfied discrete math students

“One of my students, who squeaked by both IM2 and IM3, said today: ‘I am thinking more than in any math class I’ve ever taken . . . and it’s fun!’
That felt like a touchdown must feel for a football player!”

—Melody Morris, DMP Teacher Olympian High School